Technical Support

IP Registration
Network administrators can register their LEA networks for NCWiseOwl access by sending their external IP address to Jennifer Northrup ( Please specify which vendors need to be registered. If a password is required either you are not registered for that database collection, or your firewall settings are compromising access (see further information below).

Be sure to check all of the following collections to ensure that a password is not required.
  • EBSCO (Explora, NoveList, etc.)
  • Gale (Kids Infobits, Student Resources in Context)
  • Britannica
  • PBS Videos (Please note that you must view a video to confirm access)

Firewall Information
Please use the following information to configure your firewall for Britannica access.

  • Port 8080 must be open in order for the Read Aloud feature to function properly.
  • For optimal use of the Read Aloud functionality, institutions should allow these specific IP's:
  • The primary IP (currently active) is (this is at NL)
  • The backup IP (currently inactive) is (this is at DLS)

If your network blocks IP addresses, allowing these IP's should take care of any performance issues you may be experiencing.
  • 38.100.103.*
  • 64.124.231.*
  • 208.185.238.*
  • 38.69.46.*
  • 38.69.47.*


If you have registered and still do not have automatic authentication, please review the support from EBSCO for EBSCO IPs and Domains for Firewalls, Proxy Servers, and Whitelists.


See the following link for configuring firewalls.

PBS Videos
You can verify whether or not your network is registered by directing your web browser to

LEA WAN administrators may register IPs by contacting Jennifer Northrup (

The following ports need to be opened in your network firewall:
  • port 80
  • port 1935

Client desktop computers need to accept cookies from the domain.

The NC LIVE help desk can be reached at

Home access to PBS Videos does not use the standard NCWiseOwl password. Users must obtain NC LIVE login information from their local public library in order to access these videos outside of a registered school network or use their NCEdCloud IAM logins.